Recurring House Cleaning

A  Recurring House Cleaning can be customized to suit your priorities. Many customers do not always want a detailed service but rather a surface cleaning of their home. For most customers, the priorities are the kitchen, bathrooms, floors and dusting around the home. Many of our customers rely on this general cleaning to maintain their home in clean condition.

There are many different reasons to get your cleaning on a schedule:

  • You’re working full-time and it’s hard to find time for cleaning
  • Your roommate is moving out and just a portion of the house needs a once-over
  • You have a busy family with lots of after school activities
  • You hate cleaning the house, but you enjoy living in a clean home

The reasons are countless, but the outcome needs to be the same – a clean house!

A regular cleaning almost always includes the core areas of your home: bathrooms, kitchen, floors and dusting. Often customers do not want their cleaner to spend time cleaning the insides of things (that would be a more detailed cleaning), but you can always customize your cleaning to your needs and preferences.

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