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Why Choose Spotless Maids?

We are uniquely different from most other house cleaning agencies. All jobs are done on an hourly rate with a solo Domestic Worker. The cleaner can provide as basic or detail cleaning as you desire and to fit your needs. With this concept house cleaning may cost as little as $99.00 each service for recurring service or $114.00 on one-time jobs. This price includes our 3 hours minimum for occupied homes. For vacant homes we ask to book at least 4 hours, every surface of the house needs to be wiped and a lot of details taken care of.

You can also modify the cleaning routine each service to meet your needs, add or skip rooms as needed, include more or less detail as you desire. Include things like dishes or appliance cleaning as needed. Since you are paying for time you are in total control of what is done and the amount you want to spend.

We have amazing maids!

You have better things to do with your time

I don’t have time. I have to clean the house. Sound familiar? Here are more important reasons you should let the Independent Domestic Worker be your solution.

We do it your way & offer a variety of cleaning packages.

No two households are exactly the same even if identical in size and layout. Together, we’ll determine how best we can meet your needs and expectations.

Responsible Experienced Independent Cleaning Associates

The Independent Domestic Workers are thoroughly screened, and experienced. Our Referral Agency is locally owned and operated.

We Will Make Your World Spotless!!


Flexible scheduling

We will work with you to develop a schedule to suit your individual needs.

  • Weekly cleaning
  • Biweekly cleaning
  • Every 4 Weeks cleaning
  • Any Time You Need Us

The Independent Domestic Worker bring their own equipment and cleaning supplies

You actually get to stop having to buy all that stuff that takes up space under the sink, your laundry room, and garage or wherever you store your cleaning supplies. Your Independent Cleaner always bring their own professional cleaning products every time. They use professional cleaning tools, equipment, materials and cleaning supplies that are effective, efficient, safe and environment-friendly. But if you prefer your own products be used they are glad to do that if you provide them.


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